I am Viktoriya Degeler, a computer scientist specializing in smart systems creation. I have a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics from National Technical University “KhPI”, Ukraine, a MSc degree in Intelligent Systems Design from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and a PhD done in the Distributed Systems research group of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I currently work as a researcher and a project coordinator at TU Delft

My PhD was dedicated to smart homes. In particular, I designed a reasoning and decision making engine for the GreenerBuildings project, which is based on dynamic constraint satisfaction principles, and also employs activity recognition, scheduling, and faulty sensor readings detection. My post-doc work at INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics (DERI), Ireland, where I continued my research in the field of Smart Energy Management Systems, included a reasoning module for partially observable environments. During my time at Airbus Group Innovations I looked to apply AI methods to security of IT and industrial control systems.

I’m interested in all kinds of logic and AI applications, my particular strengths being search, planning, constraint satisfaction, and optimization, both deterministic and non-deterministic. I also find AI for games to be a fascinating area.

Outside of my main specialization, I’m passionate about civil aviation, boardgames, and various outdoor activities. I also love to play ultimate frisbee.